Martin Noakes

Artist, Singer, Composer, Writer, and Creative Media Professional

About Martin Noakes

Creative Media Professional For most of his adult life, Martin has been fortunate enough to earn a living out of something he loves - Music. Writing and producing songs, as well as radio & TV commercials.


Full Albums: Written and composed, by Martin Noakes.

Heavens Above (2019)

"Heaven’s Above is the title track of my second album, which features twelve love songs that mean a lot to me, spanning almost forty years! I would like to acknowledge some of the inspirational and talented musicians that I have had the fortune to work with over the years, such as; Chris Wyles, Tim Cross, Tim Renwick, Pete Hammond, Pete Waterman, Richie Wermerling, Simon Toulson-Clarke & Brian Paige. These people (and others), have had a profound impact on my music. All of the tracks on this album were written, produced and performed by myself and recorded using Cubase in my studio. Some of the songs were written with the intention of placing them with other artists, and others for myself to perform. This album is dedicated to my wonderful wife Sloane, for always being there for me, our two amazing daughters Liberty & Cassidy and Frank & Sylvia the best in-laws on the planet. A huge thanks to DK Domino for his help with social media and setting me up with a new website, and to Pascal Magdinier for mastering the tracks for me. There’s nothing more to say other than, I really hope you like it..."

Life is Just a Ride (2016)

"Without realising it, I started to write this album 35 years ago! The subjects include 9/11, 7/7, Vaccinations, The Moon Landings, Tony Blair (War Crimes), David Cameron (Pig Lover), Artificial Intelligence & much more....""

"...I decided to make this album, because one of the tracks (9/11 Building 7), is featured in an award winning film, by internationally acclaimed Romanian director and film maker - Cristi Puiu. The film is entitled Sieranevada, and was premiered at the Cannes Film Festival in May 2016. It was an amazing experience for my wife and I to be invited to the premier, joining the director with red carpet treatment, along with the cast of the film.. As fake and shallow as the red carpet ceremony is (and it really is), it was still a day to remember! "

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